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[05 Oct 2004|05:58pm]

T h i s  s h i t  s u c k s . I think the only two people who comment are x_danyelle  and litto_yvy  you guys seriously rock and are awesome persons !!

Due to the fact no one EVER reads this I've decided to not update anymore sooo thank you very much =]

Peace out and have a great life!


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life is good! [03 Sep 2004|07:10pm]

Damn, I always forget to update guys, I know, I know! I've been totally lost and I'm such a bad friend I never comment anymore! I'm sorry its just so much things have been going on with my life and school etc... remember I told you guys about Jazmine's 15's? well yeah Last weekend was a little bitt stressfull, I did my hair and went to pick up the dress at Daniela's house but my mom was pissed and was doing her own hair so she didn't wanna take me! I had to ask my friend to take me to her house before Daniela left and thank God we made it on time and I got the dress and the shoes =) first crystal picked me up and we got to nathy's house and the 3of us looked so different than we really do look in school. So we got there and Nathy's mom dropped us off, we saw soo many people we hadent seen in a long time due to the fact that so many people transfered schools =/ the party was pretty fun, it was toooo hott though since it was outside but after " some people" left it was fun! The next day , as you all know, the VMA's were here in miami, we had planned to go to the red carpet so Luisa, Crystal and nathy came to my house and we got to where the thing was really early so we could get in but it ended up being private so we couldnt get in. Which sucked buttttt guess what!! Me, crystal, Nathy and luisa were walking and we see some guy, and ofcourse, since I know everithing about Justin Timberlake I realized that his choreographer was right infront of me!!! ahhh So I go OMG are you Justins choreographer? and hes like yeah yeah so we took a pic! woO call me crazy but I think hes cute! then while we were walking Y100 gave us some free shirts and told us to take a pic so we could be on their web site =)! That weekend was fun as hell!

Anyways, Like I mentioned before, I have a crush on some guy that goes to my school =] I think he's the one =/ let's just see what happens cus I dont wanna jinx it! He's so cute with me though I think I'm happy =] and thanks to my best friend crystal things have been going alot better for me! I love her!

If you guys havent heard the newwwwss there was a hurricane coming here to Miami named Frances, my mom was going crazy buying everithing but we just heard its going through north !! Too much hurricane talk for me! I swear it is driving me crazy and people in the news are so freken dramatic and weird.. The good thing is they cancelled schools on thursday and friday! sooo it is a 5 day weekend woOohOo! well I know you all love pics! next entry I will post all of them!

The hurricane just passed by my room so I g2g fix it lol love ya!




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im tOo cOol fOr schOol* [20 Aug 2004|04:32pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Hey!! well yesterday I wrote the biggest entry ever about how I felt about school but it got deleated grr! Guess I have to write it all over..

Well when I thought school was getting better I changed opinions. Damn it sucks its like the 4th day of school and I allready got Indoor suspension ( CSI) :[! I hate my math teacher!


English class  went by pretty fast I love the teacher! She changed our seats though and now me and Laura dont sit next to eachother which means we cant cheat together! lol. We did some essay on Convising a friend not to quit school. My teacher read my essay and said it was really good =]. yay!

French damn, this class is a fucking trip, how hilarious. we had to do some french coversations to see how much we had forgotten the french during the summer, I forgot alot! I didn't understand shit the bitch was talking about. Me, Kevin, Brianna and some other girl did our conversations and it didnt even make sense! We got a fucking F! :[ I hate her!. Kevin kept on farting again. It was gross. I also got a detention for chewing gum???? Ahh I hate Mrs. Bosisio. They are picking randomly people in my french class to get out of french for a year since the clasess of French 2 are packed. Me and Abraham volunteered and raised our hands, Holly shit as soon as I volunteered I saw Mrs. Bosios happy face :] I hate her!! have I said that before?? what ever.

Lunch this lunch has GOT to be the worst lunch like ever! I think the only 2 people I know are Poly and Abraham it is soo boring! Abraham hates refs because theyr rich wtf? lolol. But we agreed that we are gonna leave that class for sure! Poly is so lucky! she got swtiched from the lunch! I hate u poly!

biology  I almost fell asleep since I was sooo tired. I love my teacher ( Ms. Iza) she's so cool and super nice. we did some exercise on Lab safety and we are having a test on it Monday! I guess thats an esay A wOo hOo!


P.E was okay, I dont like having it first period cus I get all sweaty and then after class I go and Im tired. I cant play basket ball at all. My team lost like 74-0! lol I suck!

Intensive math was w.e I got my A on my homework :] I think that was like highlight of the day! hah Im a dork!

Geometry at first was fun but then the stupid bitch sent me to CSI for indoor suspension cus I said " what the hell? " wtf?? what ever! Its like the 4th day and Im in trouble this sucks.

I talked to Jazmine which I haden't seen since the last day of school. I guess this girl Natalie talked shit about me to her and she completely had another impression of me and I cleared things out. I'm going to her 15's next saturday woO hOo I havent been to one of those in like 6 months :-\.

my mom took like 5 hours to pick me and crystal up from school today , we are dumb asess critizising every one and acting retarded.

 Hopefully this weekend I will sleep alot. I need it!! ahh School is bad bad bad!

love ya all!



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schOol* [19 Aug 2004|07:56pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Wassapp guys!! Im here at my " hamsters" house cus i love her.

yay!! I'm officialy a sophmore haha I'm so stupid.

well the first day of school was pretty cool, my clasess are super good I love my english teacher she's awesome!! I had lunch with crystal and naty =)! and 2 clasess with her!! wOo!!
I found everithing so weird?? I forgot how everithing was.. But my school is worst now, the lunch is now $3.00 for a freken sandwich thats gay but w.e everyone is like thinking of going to Coral gables High but I really doubt my mom will let me cus its like 45 minutes away or something specially on the morning so w.e

*my geometry teacher .. well lets say does NOT speak very well english, and she allready hates me..my lunch on A days is horrible but wtf they put me in fucking Intensive math?? I guess this year is gonna be better than freshman year, and the clasess I got seem pretty slackk so yeaa..

Today in intensive math, Diana and I had the most interesting conversation wow!!
kathy: calculators have sex man i swear!

diana: duh! myne is a girl cus shes pink

kathy: myne is bisexual cus shes like clear.
lOLol were stupied Damn.

I enjoy my French class alot, exept for the little exeption that Kevin farts all the time, its disgusting. brianna thinks his farts smell like farts with cheese and butter man !! kevin gotta stOp!! dude  I miss my summer :( it went by so fast. Sorry this post is boring I dont have anithing to say?.

lOve ya!


Oh have i meantiones HOW much i absolutely love comments??

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Summer is over :[ [15 Aug 2004|01:08pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Wassapp!! I'm back!

All I can say is that I don't think I have ever had so much fun!! ever!!

Unfurtunately I only stayed for 2 weeks! I got so close to all my cusins from my moms side we had so much fun, I went to 2 clubs with my friends from elementary I missed them sooo much!! I bought alot of junk foooood!! woOo its the best ever! I came yesterday and at the airport I cried so much, Im gonna miss  my grandma my grandma my cusins and friends alot! I'm so glad I have the family that I have.  Wow everithing over there is soooo much cheaper!! I went crazy buying everithing I liked. I got my belly pierced :)!! It hurt soo damn much. I swear! It's a little red still I dont know why though cus its my 5th day. But for sure its not infected because I take care of it alot and By now I think it would have been like purple but w.e. Damn I took alot of pictures but  my cusin has most of them on her camera and shes gonna e.mail them to me so as soon as I get them I'll post them ok!

How sad... School starts tomorrow. I really don't know what to expect because Hopefully it will be better than last year! atleast me and crystal hope so lol. I wish I had stayed more time in Venezuela. For sure next year Im staying for atleast 1 month its too fucking awesome. Anyways.. Thats all.. Love ya guys thanks for the comments :)!

i wanna make my journal friends only.. can any one help me with that?

mRz tiMBerlAKE

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bye bye bye!! [31 Jul 2004|09:43am]

Heyy guys!!!

I'm soooo happy to tell you all that summer school is over!! ahhhh Yesterday was my last day. I got an A on the final and an A on my Final grade =]!! I'm sooo happy!

I have been training every day from 8:30-12:00 my muscles hurt sooo much and my arms are soo weak since I got a new racket! It's beautiful I love it! Today I need to go shopping. Chanti told me yesterday she wanted to go also so we might go together. I'm leaving to venezuela tomorrow guys!! and I come back the 14th. PLEASE don't take me off your friends list!! I'm gonna be in vacation and I don't think I can update or comment!! Ohh my best friend crystal is backk from vacation!! I MISSED YOU PIGGI 

ps: I'm so sad! a week ago I saw justin !! =[ oh well..

LOve ya all!!!

mrz timberlake*

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LONG ENTRY! [26 Jul 2004|10:14pm]
heyy guys!! I had to fix a little problem with one of my best friends...I called Silvia, I told her how I felt and whatever so it was a little hard trying to be happy. she was kind of treating me like a bitch but it's all good I mean, I was going to sweat it so I just HAD to say sorry to her and just kinda admit it was my fault even though I completely think it wasn't. But anyways, let's stop talking about problems and lets go intO One of the best weekends of my life.

Okay, so I woke up, and I didn't sleep alot cus I was too exited. Laura called me around 8:30 and told me she was on her way to my house so we would leave together to the *nsync celebrity skills challenge, she came to my house and we waited for silvia to pick us up. laUra- iS that uR cat? mE- no iTs like mY BrotheRs! lauRa- but itS anorEXic givE It foOd!! lOLol.. At around 10:30 she picked us up and we left.
We got the Miami beach (where the things was) at around 11:00?? and we took a tan and then went walking like 1000 miles finding a place where they sold Ice cream and we ended up going to Burger King. WHICH I HATE and Laura and Silvia wanted to play a joke on me cus they know I'm a blonde and I tend to beleive stuff alot and told me to order the Oreo Sunday Ice cream shit and Ofcourse I beleived it and I go to the guy ohh can I have a blah blah blah and he's like.. uh?? nah we don't sell it here sorry! I was like uhhhhhhhh OMG so w.e then we walked to the skills challenge which was right there at the beach. we made the line and then I had my digital Camera and they weren't letting in those because supposibly people would sell them at EBAY? WTF? whatever So ofcourse i'm sooo slickk lololol. I put it inside my underwear between my croch haha because they were checking purses! So after that, they were checking with those metal detectors!! and I had to put it in the purse again super quick and I got in!! loLOl.. We were in row 14! but me laura and Silva ended up in ROW.. (( drumrolls please......)) ROW NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damnn we were SOO close!! we had 2 wait for the thing to start like freeken 4 hours I swear! and finally they the celebrities started getting out.. These were the people that were there.
Usher, Lindsay Lohan, the guys from Good charlotte, the guy from Scary mOvie, Gabrielle Union ( from bring it On ) the girl from LIzzie Mc. guire Miranda, all of NSync ofcourse Cameron Diaz and other randOm peOple. dudeee Justin is sooo meannn we would be screaming our lungs out and he wouldnt turn around! he was the wholle time with cameron in their own little world!! but it was awesOme we got sooo red! I look like a freeken tomato eww ! OMG the guys from good charlotte Benji is soooooo awesomeee we talked to him and we took pics and they would be talking to us alot!! their soo nice! and Joey even signed an autograoh he's so nice! He threw a shirt and I got it!!! then we had a little problem cus we didn't know who would pick us up!! so we were SOO HOT we went inside a restaurant and every one would like at us like wtf? cus we were so sweaty and red we looked poor! so we sat down and we only had $15 and each of us were to the guy oh whats the cheapest thing u have? LOlol we only left like $1 of tip since we didn;t have anymore and we left running! then I came home and I was tired as hell So I knocked down dead!

I think this was fucked up .. Laura called me around 11:00 and told me she felt really bad and that she wouldn't be able to go.. OKay what the fuck was I supposed to do with the ticket?? Just lose 50$ and that's it? so she goes Oh you have 2 hours to find some one. I was like uhhm Okay Huney, YOU were the one who told me to buy you YOUR ticket, you haven't payed me none of them, you get sick and then you tell ME to find some one else?? are you like kidding? I was soooo stressed OUT! I called every single person I knew to see if they wanted to come with me and who the hell was willing to pay $50.00 to go watch NSYNC and other people play basket-ball. I ended up asking my cusin and she said that she will.. THANK GOD!! so we got ready we went and ate at Subway ( YUMM) and picked up alejandra and headedd of to the Office depot center and we were in row 14 but yeah.. we ended up doing our thingand moved 2nd row! we were soooo CLOSE!! ahhhhh and we only enjoyed a little bitt cus the stupid bitch that was behind us told the security to check our tickets cus she knew we didn't have that row wtf what a fucking hater! so she moved us to the other side of the stage and we didn't have that good of seats. I touched LIndsay LOhan's hand I love her! and I took pics of Good charlotte cus their so freeken nice and sweet I was so embarrased, since their twins I called one of them BENJI and it was the other one loLol!! Justin's team LOST! but it's okay cus we had a whollllle looootaa fun! so then my dad's car BROKE DOWN and we had to walk like 56 miles lol to find him and then Ornella's dad picked us up we came home watched MTV and that's it. I woke up at around 7:00 to go to tennis I trained good today I had my good workout! 3 more pounds LOST BABBBBYYY! and thats it then I went to school cus my grandma took me since my mom left to Venezuela and we got lost as hell!! we ended up like in Orlando lol j.k but w.e!! then my friend took me to nicole's house and we ate so much shit and now I'm here with my dad.
This weekend was the SHIT and I love Justin Timberlake soooo much!!! I've always loved him but next year I am working really hard to get the $700.00 backstage pass to meet him and I will!!!!! yayyy my dad said yes! ahh I love Justin sooo much! well anyways Love ya!!
Ill post the pics later. I;m too lazy now and I'm going to rent freaky friday AGAIN =) ahhh I love her!
Love ya guys!
I love coMmeNTsSs!!
mRz TImbeRLakE*
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help me? [21 Jul 2004|11:00am]
[ mood | curious ]

Hey sexy people!

Well, nothing cool has happened.. I`ve been going to summer school and working really hard trying to get an A.. I need a vacation, Thank God I happen to leave to one August 1st! I'm sooo exited and looking forward this wholle week and the other.

July 24:: *NSYNC basketball game.

July 25:: *NSYNC celebrity skills challenge.

August 1st:: Leaving to venezuela.

August 14:: Come back from venezuela.

August 16:: School starts =/

Sooo yeah, I`m sooo exited about the wholle NSYNC stuff I have awesome awesome awesome seats!! I'll make sure to post all the pictures!

Next week I'll try to comment on every one's journals and try to update, even though I don't think I will because My mom is leaving to Venezuela the 23d and I'm leaving the 1st, which means for a full week, after school I will be going to chanti's house till about 9:30 that is when my dad picks me up from his work.. and I'm going to be exhausted because I wake up every day at 8:30 to go tennis, I train till 12:00 I come home, eat, get ready for school and come dead tired!! I love you all Take care!!

every one that hasn't joined the community d0rkz_r_us go right now!!! hehe.


ps: any one who loves me and wants to put a picture I have for my LJ backround that I have of Mean girls IM me at xo totalcuti ox or leave me a comment! I`ll love u for ever! thanks =)



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testing [19 Jul 2004|09:13pm]

im checking to see if I learned how to put pictures....



picturesCollapse )

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5 more days!! [19 Jul 2004|07:42pm]

hey my people!!

Nothing that interesting has been going on... On Friday after school I went to Chanti`s house, she ironed my hair and i`m loving it!.Then Steffy was supposed to sleep over my house, but she couldn`t cus the next day she had to go to the gym with her mom. So she came with Nicole and we just chilled remembered old times and it was awesome!! we were remembering all of the good and bad times in middle school.. I guess I never knew how much fun we actually had! Anyways... we looked at photos from our Orlando trip and our texas trip! they left at about 1:45??..

Next morning I woke up and did my math project ughh yeaa math project!!! how anoying, it was super hard but I finally finished it.. after that I took a nice nap! and Nicole called me and inivited me to go out and eat with her and her dad.. So I got ready super fast and we ended up going to Chilis! dude I love that place, I never get tired of eating there.. we had a trip!! her dad is freken hilarious!  we ate the best dessert ever!! called Molton or something.. y'all should try it whenever you go to chillis it freeken rocks! We left and I went to Nicole`s house and we took like 55555785 pictures with my digital camera and then my dad picked me up and I stayed watching tv.

Sunday I went to the beach with my parents.. It started raining, and it was still fun!! My coach called me yesterday and told me he had an emergency and he couldnt rain me today =( so I woke up at around 10:30, I wen to school at 2 and I just came back.. Today is my parents aniversary, my mom seems super super happy and I told her i am defenelty not sleeping here today!! so i might stay at Silvia`s house and right now I`m going to the gym with her yay =).

Love yaaa!


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sOmethinq i gOt frOm kathy [17 Jul 2004|01:51pm]

( quiz time biatch )Collapse )

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yay! [16 Jul 2004|12:33pm]
heyy people!!
wow connie
  • made an awesome job at my journal she`s awesome!!
    anyways... I got summer school for algebra =\ .. i`ve been going allready and it sux !!. yesterday were our midterms lol how funny.. i got a B! i`m sooo mad !! because i really wanted an A!! and it was so easy I just did stupid mistakes such as - and + what ever.. math sux so much!
    Today my coach called me early and told me there was no tennis practice today =( grrr I hate it when theres no practice cus since I`m home i get hungry and eat eat eat and eat! yesterday i was so tired he made me run 20 laps around the court and nathy only 10 wtf! w.e. Now I`m here home and I`m about to go get ready for school =(. I HATE IT! then after school I`m going to chanti`s house she`s going to iron my hair! ahhh i cant wait!!! in only 7 days me and laura are going to the nsync celebrity skills challenge and the bbal game!!!! ahhhh!!!
    well people i`m about to take a shower love ya!
    comment me =)
    mrz tImbeRlake!
    ps: connie thanku so much!
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